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CryptoIsland is a collection of 1,000 algorithmically generated pixel islands.  Owning a CryptoIsland gives access to an exclusive island family of explorers. We are working on multiple projects to make CryptoIsland a key aspect of the metaverse. Just like fine wine, the longer you hold an Island the better it becomes.

CryptoIsland holders (Explorers) are part of the island family and they can access our NFT game, exclusive events, airdrops, raffles, community giveaways, and more.

The Perks

Own your share of the islands
• Interact with your island and generate airdrops
• Own a key component in an evolving NFT game
• Become part of the chillest community
• Get access to the softest decentralized merch
• Brag about owning a private island


Phase 1 - Launch

Designing & Developing CryptoIsland
Ideating on the concept and visuals

Continuing Designing & Developing CryptoIsland
The CryptoIsland Community is built – We've buried some treasure there. You might want to check it out
People can begin to join the Pioneer program and reap the rewards

We'll host a pre-sale that will allow the most near and privy beach bums to get access to explore their own island
We'll release our Islands to the world
Reveal Islands shortly later after minting drops

Member-Exclusive Merch store unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies & hats
First NFT airdropped for Island explorers

Game evolution is revealed
Treasure map containing the Island's secret treasure is unlocked, first 3 explorers to solve it win: $5,000

Official CryptoIsland games are unlocked!

Phase 2 - Evolution
Coming Soon


Every single Crypto Island has been randomly generated. However, not all islands are equal. Some are hot while others are cool and breezy. Oh yeah, some have buried treasure too.


Why Own an Island?
Aside from owning one of the chillest NFTs on the blockchain, CryptoIsland is your ticket into a universe of exploring, entertaining, and fun that you can trade with your friends and island neighbors. We have big plans for the islands and we hope to see you come along for the journey.

What is an island?
A unique piece of land surrounded by water, or other mediums, with various inhabitants, maybe some treasure too. All islands are part of CryptoIsland, the dream place of lilboatboy's creation. 

Who is lilboatboy?
A renowned 24-year-old artist & sailor who has made the journey to many islands across the seven seas. Some say he resembles the young captain Jack Sparrow, with an affinity for ETH rather than rum.

Will there be a pre-sale?
Yes. We intend to do a limited presale where white-listed members will have several days to mint their islands to mitigate gas.

How do I become a pioneer?
Only the top most active members who spread the word and are active in the community will receive Pioneer status. If you are lucky, you might open a treasure chest in our giveaways that grants you Pioneer status.

What do "pioneers" get?
They will be among the first to explore CryptoIsland. Preparing the way for other explorers, each Pioneer will have a unique island NFT reserved for them before mint.

How many islands will be released?

Mint Price:
0.069 ETH, lol

Where will I be able to mint?

When will the minting period begin?
We will drop on Oct 15, at 7pm EST.

What can I do with my CryptoIsland?
So so much check the roadmap for more details about the game and as we build out the islands they get even better. The games have just begun. Go look for treasure. You might be able to find a clue here!  

The Team

We are team of 4 guys that also happen to be brothers and we added a few friends. We are all passionate about crypto, art, and building chill stuff. We built this project using our various skills in web development, game development, design, and marketing along with our brotherly love to bring you the chillest NFT project on the blockchain. From our family to yours, welcome to the island. We hope you like it here!



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Game Designer

Our Family Doge

Chiefing Meme Officer

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